Harpo Marx Filmography

Films With The Marx Brothers

Humor Risk(1925)Unreleased
The Cocoanuts(1929)Paramount
Animal Crackers(1930)Paramount
The House That Shadows Built(1931)Paramount
Monkey Business(1931)Paramount
Hollywood On Parade #A-5(1932)Paramount
Horse Feathers(1932)Paramount
Hollywood On Parade #11(1933)Paramount (with Groucho)
Duck Soup(1933)Paramount
A Night At The Opera(1935)MGM
A Day At The Races(1937)MGM
Room Service(1938)RKO
At The Circus(1939)MGM
Go West(1940)MGM
The Big Store(1941)MGM
A Night In Casablanca(1946)United Artists
Love Happy(1949)United Artists
The Story of Mankind(1957)Warner Brothers

Films as a Solo Performer

Too Many Kisses(1925)Paramount
La Fiesta de Santa Barbara(1935)MGM (Dad's first color film)
Stage Door Canteen(1943)United Artists
All-Star Bond Rally(1944)20th Century Fox
Got It Made(1961)Ford Motor Company (lost)

TV Appearances

(Dad may have appeared on a local Chicago afternoon TV show in August of 1951)
All Pure Evaporated Milk Com (6)(1951) 
Colgate Comedy Hour11/11/51NBC
Colgate Comedy Hour1/6/52NBC
US Royal Showcase1/20/52NBC
RCA Victor Show2/1/52NBC
Colgate Comedy Hour3/30/52NBC (With Chico)
Cerebral Palsy Telethon5/24/52KECA (Los Angeles)
All Star Revue9/6/52NBC
All Star Revue10/4/52NBC
All Star Ice Revue3/21/53NBC
Multiple Schlerosis Telethon8/30/53KNXT (Los Angeles)
City Of Hope Telethon10/17/53KTLA (Los Angeles)
Season's Greetings12/22/53NBC (in color)
Spike Jones Show1/9/54NBC
Colgate Comedy Hour10/24/54NBC
The Christophers(1954)Syndicated
I Love Lucy5/9/55CBS
Inside Beverly Hills1/29/56NBC (color with Groucho & Chico)
The Martha Raye Show4/17/56NBC
Prom Commercials (8)(1957)(with Chico)
Playhouse 90 "Snowshoes"1/3/1957CBS
Pepsi Commercial (1)11/27/57(in color)
Tonight: America After Dark2/18/57NBC (with all 5 Marx Brothers)
Art Linkletter's House Party3/24/57CBS
Tennessee Ernie Ford Show3/13/57NBC
Person To Person1/3/58CBS
Dupont Show of the Month4/19/58CBS
Gillette Razor Blade Commercial (1)(1958) 
Harpo At Work Commercial (1)(1958) 
Kraft Music Hall(1/14/59)NBC (in color)
General Electric Theater(3/8/59)CBS
"Deputy Seraph" (unfinished pilot)(1959)(with Chico and Groucho)
Labatts Beer Commercials (4)(1960) 
Search For A Song(1960)(Local Los Angeles)
The Joyce Davidson Show(1960)CBC
Dupont Show With June Allyson12/22/60CBS
The Chevy Show1/29/61NBC (in color)
Celebrity Golf4/23/61NBC
Ed Sullivan Show4/23/61CBS
Ed Sullivan Show4/30/61CBS
Play Your Hunch5/2/61NBC (in color)
I've Got A Secret5/3/61CBS
Here's Hollywood5/8/61NBC
The Groucho Show5/11/61NBC (with Groucho)
Candid Camera5/14/61CBS
Your Surprise Package5/18/61CBS
Art Linkletter's House Party5/25/61CBS
Dupont Show of the Week11/12/61NBC
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington10/20/62ABC
Red Skelton Hour9/25/62CBS

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